Sam Wight

Developer. CS Student at The University of Alabama. President of Blueprint at UA.


Hey there! 👋

I'm Sam Wight. I'm a CS student at The University of Alabama and a React, Rails, and Typescript/JavaScript developer by trade, but you'll find me coding in pretty much any language I can. I'm the president of Blueprint at UA, a student organization that donates software development consulting services to local nonprofits. Previously, I served as the Executive of Development for CrimsonHacks, the first MLH-sponsored hackathon in the state of Alabama. I also served as the Front-End Team Manager at CrimsonHacks my freshman year.

Professionally, I work as a full-stack React and Rails developer, but I have experience in multiple languages and frameworks, including Javascript / TypeScript, Node, Meteor, PHP, C, C++, Java, Python, React, Vue, and many others. Feel free to check out my GitHub or my LinkedIn above for more examples of my work.

Personal Projects

Here's a few of my personal projects, in no particular order:

  • Registrar - A simple, extensible registration system for hackathons built in Rails and React using GraphQL.
  • Gradebook App - A small gradebook manager written in Ruby on Rails. I wrote this for the ACTE Tech Fair my senior year of high school.
  • BAware SMS - An alternative to Amber Alerts and 911 that uses SMS to surface relevant information to emergency responders. I wrote this for AuburnHacks 2019 with my amazing team.
  • LastFM Visualization - A Last.FM scraping tool that scrapes related artist data and outputs a graph file that can be viewed in Gephi.

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