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Scrapyard: Thoughts and Sequences

6 min read

Last week, I started my mentorship at Out in Tech, a nonprofit that connects LGBTQ+ people in tech with each other, allowing them to grow their networks and advance their careers. Over the next 8-ish weeks, I'll be building a project with my excellent mentor, Joseph Raisanen. I figured that

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'Unity' rhetoric hurts minorities

3 min read

Tonight I watched the debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris. The debate was thrilling to watch, filled with lots of interesting questions and policy-focused answers. However, one particular exchange caught my ear and made me bristle. Near the end of the debate, a question written by

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Blueprint at UA’s Culture Code

5 min read

This was originally written for internal use at my student organization, Blueprint at UA. I've released the first version of it so that other student organizations that are looking for a culture code have a starting point.TL;DRCulture is important. Culture not only draws people into our organization, but

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Thoughts on Glimmer

1 min read

I’ve recently gotten into learning Ember.js for a new project I’m wanting to create (my hackathon registration system, Registrar). While doing so, I came across Glimmer, Ember’s new component engine that’s been extracted from the framework. Glimmer’s been around since 2017 (or a bit

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